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Galaxy S8+ vertical lines on screen

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Anyone had vertical lines showing on the right side of the screen? Only had the phone 2 days, and has only appeared today.


Does this sound like a screen issue? Will be going back to see if i can get exchanged but was wondering if anyone has had this issue?




I have  Samsung Galaxy S8+ for just over a month and now I notice 2 red lines vertical for length of my screen does anyone having this ?

Same issue!! Purple horizontal lines in Front camera...!! 

Do u Got any solution??

Horizontal Lines appearing in my Front camera of S8+ . And then unknwon Error occured msg pops. Any solution??

Hi... i have same issue and tried this many times. 

Went to the store where i bought the phone.. but they dont want to replace it. They said its a software issue and just deal with this. Even i only have this phone for 3 months.. 

Sprint refuse to fix the problem and refuse to change my phone 

Hi @CarolinaW,


I have a similar problem with my new Note 8.  THere is a line (yellow line if white background) in my screen.  Phone is about a month old.


Your idea of *#0*# is very useful.


When testing the Red, Green and Black background it is okay.  But when testing the Blue background, there are two black lines in the middle of the screen (everywhere else is blue).


What should I do?




You have to call your phone carrier beside your phone is brand new.. its under earranty for sure..  i think all samsung new phones have issues .. or you can fownload tech expert app in google play they are helpfuk

I ended up sending my phone back to Samsung for repair. They replaced the display and any affected Parts, under warranty.

Thats good... 

Just did test *#0*#  found to have one vertical full line top to bottom of screen.. 

Same issue mine is shkwiing when  i do that 

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