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Galaxy S8+ vertical lines on screen

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Anyone had vertical lines showing on the right side of the screen? Only had the phone 2 days, and has only appeared today.


Does this sound like a screen issue? Will be going back to see if i can get exchanged but was wondering if anyone has had this issue?




Hi CarolinaW, 


How are you? 


Guess what, you would not believe this. Yesterday morning woke up and my Samsung Galaxy s7edge has a vertical grey colour going up three quarters of the screen, tried all the tests you recommended earlier, made no difference. Worst thing is this is the second time it has happened. 


I have a theory, I think when you enable the BLUE LIGHT FILTER that is when you start having this problem. I may be wrong. 


I guess for my phone it's back to the Samsung repair centre. 


I would like to hear your thoughts on this matter. I look forward to hearing from you. Take care and speak to you soon. 


Best regards, 




Hi @Ali786.


@CarolinaW's lucky enough to have the day off today but we'll be sure to pass on your regards!


We've passed your comments on to our development team for further investigation.


Do you have a Service Centre close enough for you to get to?

Hi ChrisM, 


Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. 


I do have a Service Centre near me in Sheffield, the only problem is that it is nearly always closed and you can't ring to check if it is open because no-one ever answers the phone even when they are open. 

So then you have to make a trip to the service centre just to find it closed today. It's just a LUCK THING where I live, could be open - could be closed because you can't find out any other way. 


I've been there a couple of times and you can hear and see the phone ringing on the wall but everyone just walks past or just ignores it. 


So you see my problem with trying to get to my local service centre. 


Hi, had the same line on mine, thought it was broken, ends up to be a feature that when you swipe it to the left your apps that you use the most can be accessed quickly. Hope this helps, have had mine for months before I noticed it, not sure if it just appeared or was always there. Interesting the Samsung person didn't even mention this as a possibility. 

Hello candmkr, I can definitely tell you it is not a feature,  it is definitely a problem with the screen. Reason I tell you this is because I took my phone to the Samsung service center they took one look at the phone and said the screen needs replacing, the only problem is they don't have any screens in the store and don't know when the next batch of screens will arrive because they have had to fix that many phones with the same problem I was told. 


I was told to keep checking into the store to see if they had received any new screens, that was a week ago, still no new screens. 


I also have a very faint line down the right hand edge of the screen about 12mm in from the edge of the screen. It is more visible when the brightness is turned up. Anyone any advise? Thanks in advance

Try swiping the bar to the left. It is where apps you use the most can be accessed quickly.

Hello philco, 


It's sounds like you have the exact same problem only your shade on your screen is going vertically and on my screen it is going horizontally. 


It is a defective screen, there is nothing you can do to any of the settings to make this problem go away.   (  SORRY TO BE THE BEARER OF BAD NEWS  ) 


Philc you now have three options,


1:  call the place where you bought the phone from and explain. 


2:  go to one of the Samsung Support Shops locally, if you are lucky and they have a screen in stock, they will be to fit you a new screen within an hour. 


3:  call Samsung helpline on 0330 726 7864 or 0330 726 7467. Explain the problem and they will send someone round to collect your phone with a box the same or next day. Usually takes around 4-7 days for the whole process from start to end. 


I have another solution, use a dark or black wallpaper for the lock and home screen.




Let me know how you get on. 


Best regards, 




I'm having trouble implementing this solution on my Galaxy S8.  Just came home with it less than an hour ago and I have a bright line going down the screen.  Still seems to work as I'm typing with it, but not nice looking

Hi i have one vertical white line on right hand side.. tried the process you suggested no white line appears during but still there after ...tried several times..

Would appreciate further suggestions

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