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Galaxy S8+ vertical lines on screen

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Anyone had vertical lines showing on the right side of the screen? Only had the phone 2 days, and has only appeared today.


Does this sound like a screen issue? Will be going back to see if i can get exchanged but was wondering if anyone has had this issue?



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No official word but looks like a few have the issue not seen anyone talk about a fix so take it back to the shop. 

Yes have the same issue but horizontal lines going all the way up the screen


Hello there, I have the same problem with my s7 edge, the lines just automatically appeared one day. I've been told by the Samsung Support shop that the phone will need a new screen, the only problem is they have a shortage of s7 edge screens as a result of this problem. Best thing you could do is call Samsung Support on the phone and ask them to come and collect your phone from your home and have it sent off for repair, it usually takes about 4-7 days or if you're lucky and you're local Samsung Support shop has a screen they would be able to put you a new screen on within an hour of waiting. So good luck, let me know what happens. 


Hi @seany21! Have you managed to get your phone looked at? 

Hi @Cody! Is this issue still ongoing? Let me know so we can carry out some some troubleshooting with you! :smileyhappy:

Thanks for the kudos CarolinaW, I appreciate it.

No worries at all @Ali786! Have a nice day! :smileyvery-happy:

I just started having this issue, what can I do?

Hey @candmkrIs your phone's screen cracked or smashed? Is the screen still responsive? Let's run a service test on your phone:

1. From the phone dialler, enter *#0*#.
2. Select Red, and then tap the screen.
3. Select Green, and then tap the screen.
4. Select Blue, and then tap the screen.
5. Select Black, and then tap the screen.

While displaying the colours, was the issue still occurring? Let us know so we can get this sorted. :robothappy:

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