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Galaxy S8 Photos : GPS coordinate rounded in Exif

(Topic created on: 12-05-2019 02:11 PM)
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hi all,

I use my Samsung s8 for field survey, with GIS and geotagged photo. It's usualy very efficient with an android smartphone.
The problem is with the S8 : the coordinates stored in the Exif (photo's metadata saving localisation tag) are rounded to one arc second (approx 30 meters), whereas the S8 GPS can be accurate near few meters (checked: I'm on the right side of a wall in cartographic app like Google map with satellite view).
I think that somewhere there is not enough digits stored (at least, 2 are missing to match GPS accuracy). My exif are alike 44,07493 - 0,93101 (or 44°4'30"N - 0°55'52"E).


I observed the same problem with another S8 : rounded coordinate stored in the exif (44°21'10N) wereas "GPS Status" app shows 2 digits more (44°21'10.40N, wich is better regarding GPS accuracy).
It's happening with Samsung standard "Camera" app but also with others ("Open Camera").
There is no such problem with another android phone (Sony Xperia Z5), showing a lots of digits (44°21'10.739999999990744N).
No matter if GPS "High Accuracy" with WIFI is ON or not.

No matter if I use another GPS app to be sure that the GPS is always "on" and is fixes everytime I take a picture.
No battery saving mode (I hope : they're a little bit everywere).

All is updated (android, play store, samsung store) ans phone rebooted.


Does someone observe the same issue?

Is there a parameter or a fix somewhere?

It's very annoying and does not match at all the phone quality level !

Thanks - Erwan

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For information, I could write accurante metadata (with enough digits) using a specific camera app : Location tag camera (but it's full of add and buggy).
Why all the others app, using the ususal samsung/Android gps/camera soft are unable to store 2 more digits?
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Same problem here:

Both the standard camera-app and Open Camera give course rounded-off  exif-data for lat/lon and heigth.


These problems don't appear on my other phone (LG G6) with the same apps


But when I record a gpx-track with the Osmand-app on the same S8, 

this does have accurate gps-data (altough not as accurate as on my LG G6). 


The workaround I now use is to correlate the gpx-track recorded with Osmand to the pictures using the free Windows program Geosetter.   


But maybe someone has a solution to solve the problem at the root?