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Galaxy S8 - not receiving all texts

(Topic created on: 23/03/18 08:03)
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Hi guys, looking for a bit of help from a very frustrated new S8 user. I've finally made the leap after being an iPhone user for nearly 10 years. I've moved from O2 and an iPhone SE to EE with an S8. I've had my old number transferred over. I'm not receiving all texts. It seems to be random ones and frustratingly the important ones and from a variety of networks. I've deregistered myself from iMessage so I know it's not that. EE are trying to get to the bottom of it but don' seem to be getting anywhere. I use my phone for work and not receiving all messages could be costly to my job. I also can't set up some important billing apps as it's sending me verification codes via text which aren't coming through! 


Could anybody please try and help before I crack up??!!

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Superuser I
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Hi @Jodie298


As you have used a Pac and ported from one network to another this sounds like what is called a Split Port. 


This is where not all the files have settled causing issues with your services. 


Its nothing to do with your phone which can also be ruled out by inserting your sim card in another phone as a process of elimination.


Your new Network i.e. EE have taken control of your number when they took control of the Pac so its them and their porting in Teams that need to be onto this. 


Perhaps call their Customer Services to use the word Split Port. 


I wish you all the best with this situation as resolving such instances is not always instant. 



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