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Galaxy S8 call volume very low

(Topic created on: 22/09/17 21:26)
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Hi all since the last update a few weeks ago the volume during a call is really low, I've tried all the trouble shooting and turning up the volume during a call but everything is maxed out. 

This is my work phone and I work for my self so it is very important that I can hear and understand what potential customers are asking me. 

Having the phone in loud speaker just to hear is not good.

My media and other things work fine it's just the ear piece volume that's not working even with pressing the extra volume button during a call nothing changes.

The phones only a few months old I had it the week before official launch.

Argh please help.

Thanks in advance to anyone who responds.

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also had this same annoying issue for a while, The volume is extremely low when calling people to the point where I have to put every call on loud speaker. this problem has only started today for no reason. I have tried restarting my phone and it's still the same. Tried checking online or if anybody  knew were having the same problem or knew how to fix?


Let's try some troubleshooting steps.


  1. Are all your Apps are up to date? You have 2 places that you need to look. Google Play store and Galaxy app store. Go to both and check My Apps. Make sure there is no app that needs updating. 
  2. Is your phone OS up to date? Go to Settings, About phone and check for software update. Make sure you have the latest phone software. 
  3. Clear phone cache. Instructions are here
  4. Clear Application cache and sometime Application data. Instructions are here
  5. Restart your phone in Safe mode. This is just to help you isolate the issue if it is caused by 3rd part apps. Instructions are here

If those don't help. You can check out the other suggestions here:


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Sounds simple but.

Get some blu tac tac press firmly over the ear piece then take it off.

This piece easily becomes clogged with dirt and dust.

You will probably notice the dirt on the blu tack

Do this a few times and try making a call again.


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