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Galaxy s8 battery

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Hello guys. I get a brand new Galaxy s8, I love the phone but I have a feeling that battery goes down pretty's that normal? I play music, navigate on social networks and my battery goes like 1% after free minute or use. It is ok with that?

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A new phones battery will take a few discharge and recharge cycles to hit optimum output @IonutCatalin


Take into account a person typically uses a phone more heavily after initial purchase to set it up, get used to it and tinker with it. 


Also take a look in your battery stats to see what's being reported as using your battery. 


If necessary put the phone in safe mode which disables all your downloaded apps and leaves the stock apps working which can help determine if this is a rogue app. 


Also if you have the Always On Display turned on this can use approx 1% battery per hour. 



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 Hi there. Thank you for advices. My battery says that screen consumes about 5% in few hours, no other app appear to drain batter annormaly for moment. I don't use always on display cause no need it. I noticed that my music volume is pretty low after last music player from Google update, compared with other Android devices. Guess is a bug or something after last Google music player update 

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There is some tips that could save the battery life for your reference:

1) Use Low Power Mode

2) Restrict Unimportant Notifications

3) Turn off Wi-fi if You Don't Need It

4) Do not Activate Location Service

5) Lower Screen Brightness

6) Limit Background Refresh for Applications

7) Tighten Up Auto-Lock the shortest period for your device, namely 30 seconds.

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