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Galaxy S8 & S8+ Beta UK Frustration

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Yeah l no how to flash phones been doing it for years, my s8+ is the only phone l haven't flashed yet but that day is coming. Anyway why should people have to flash there phone just to get an update Samsung are to lazy to release

Hi everyone 

So I buy phone without contract at Johan Lewis shop and I buy pay as you go from three and I still don't' have update 

So this few guys from three maybe use xda step by step to install firmware ? 

Not from what l can make out there saying it came via OTA update via Samsung the update was around 1488gb so that's the full oreo version

Someone from samsung read this all stuff ? Or they don't care at all ? 

Yes. Even if you go back few posts here you will find post from moderator.
And also on one of the first posts I informed people that moderator Ants passed those questions/frustrations internally to people who can give answers.

A tiny bit of patience please. This topic is not the only topic in this community forum. There's hundreds of problems, questions etc.
We were stuck for a while on beta forum where nobody replied or even read our posts. And we were angry. Here someone reads, replies, and tries to get answers and many of us are still so inpatient and angry.
Answers might not come today. But hopefully soon.

Be patient. Or simply flash updates and problem will be sorted.

Hi @Grzegorz79. :robothappy:


And cheers @Leon24xxx :robothappy:

To be honest I don't think they do l think most if not all the mods are not employed by Samsung but do it voluntarily

If you use it correctly it will not trip knox

TWRP? Yes it will trip the Knox. There is no correct or incorrect way with custom recovery. Custom Recovery will trip the Knox. Some people use custom kernel to fake the Knox counter and people think that works. It only fools some apps but the real hardware Knox viewable in the download mode will be tripped. That's what Samsung use to check on the Knox status.

So thats why better wait for OTA 

To many things to lose 


So thats why better wait for OTA 

To many things to lose 

He is talking about TWRP. You DO NOT need TWRP and should not use TWRP. Just follow the instructions here and not on XDA. 


The update is done with Samsung Stock Recovery and there aren't too many things to do and it will NOT trip your Knox and it will not erase your data. If you don't know what stock recovery is and how to get to it, please wait for the OTA. I assumed that all beta testers should know how to get and use the recovery mode since you would have had to use it multiple times to clear the cache which seemed to be the only solution Samsung offered during the beta 🙂 

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