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Galaxy S7 ringtone and notification folder location

(Topic created on: 05-12-2019 02:44 PM)
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I'd like to keep my files and folders organized on my phone so I was just wondering what are the default folder locations for ringtones, notification sounds and music? Because I have a lot of different folders and it bothers me

I have a /media, /mp3, /music, /notification, /Ringtones and /Sounds folders and then there's /Samsung/Music and /Samsung/Video folders also.

Hi MumMum222
With default folders i recommend not moving them as they can disrupt the file path. This means that it can cause issues later on for example if you wanted to change the ringtone or notification tone.
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I am searching Google for a bona fide answer to "where are notifications files on GS7". And I come to the Samsung web site thinking "great, the answer must certainly be here!". And I start reading. And I see words like "Solved! Go to solution." and "1 accepted solution." and "View solution in original post." So I start clicking on these "Solved" and "Go to..." links. And they lead NOWHERE! Closed loop. Cannot get off the page to find the answer. All I can see is that someone named "Chewbacca" (the Navigator) is admonishing "MumMum222" (the original poster) as to the perils of moving system files. BUT I SEE NO ANSWER TO MumMum's ACTUAL QUESTION! All is see is the word "Solved!", etc. and a loop of links I cannot escape to find the information I need. I understand the perils of moving system files. Novices move system files, and they toast their phones. When Advanced users copy and paste systems files, leaving the file structure intact, no harm no foul. I have spent many thousands of dollars on your gear - TVs, phones, laptops, tablets, monitors, headsets, etc. - over the years. And this is what I get from Samsung itself as a solution to my current problem? I read this page 3 or 4 times, becasue I was incredulous that the information on it was TOTALLY useless and irrelevant to the direct question I posed. ANSWER THE QUESTION! Don't dance around it and deem that it is "Solved!", when it is not. What is the location of the stock "Notifications" files on the Galaxy S7?