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Galaxy S7: My speech to text has become incredibly annoying with punctuation

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I have a galaxy S7, and I use voice to text a lot.


Recently, like in the last few days it recently changed so that it's predicting the punctuation in my voice as I speak. I HATE this! It's incredibly inaccurate and I don't speak to it like I would a person. I pause a lot because it's often very innacurate with what it thinks I'm saying, so I go back and correct it.


But NOW whenever I stop speaking it adds a period at the end of the sentence, and it usually starts the next word with a capital letter even if I delete the period before starting again.


It's only gotten MORE inaccurate and I NEED this to go back to the way it was.


TLDR: I want to turn OFF the automated punctuation. I only want it to write punctuation when I SAY the punctuation. Please help.


PS: I have a seperate problem where it writes 'Oh,' randomly when I use speech to text. I would also like this resolved.

@Animedingo: Have your recently updated to Android 9? When you tap the microphone to start dictating the message, does it say 'Google' at the bottom of the pop up? If so, this seems to be an embedded feature of Google Voice, as it still continued to auto punctuate my speech with the options disabled in the Keyboard settings.


Hi Andrew, yes it says google at the bottom. I tried looking up support from Google directly but I couldn't find anything.

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