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Galaxy S7 annoying vibration alert

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I always have my phone on vibrate because I find constant message tones can bother those around me. However recently (since last system update) every time I recieve a message it vibrates twice, once that I'm recieving a message and again after I've received it successfully. My phone also vibrates after I send a message (letting me know it sent successfully) which has tricked me several times thinking I received a message while sending mine. This also happens with phone calls, it vibrates when I answer it and again after I've hung up. This didnt happen before and is making my phone vibrate waaaaay too much! I only need it to vibrate once when I recieve a message as an alert, not twice. And I dont need my phone vibrating every time I send a message, i can see if it says "sent" or "delivered" just fine. Please I need help!! I cant find anything similar in the forums! I've run out of possible solutions!!


Samsung galaxy s7


Hi @Darktwin. If you haven't done so already, then it might be worth checking out the last page of this thread over on the US Samsung Community:

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