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Galaxy S6, black screen, charging issues

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Hi all,


I've got some problems on my phone, which has only recently started. It started a couple of weeks ago when the screen flickered and went black with a white X in the bottom corner, then went back to normal. This was accompanied with a chiming noise. I didn't think much of it, but then it happened again. After searching on the internet it looks like it's due to the gear VR app mucking up. It wasn't so bad, but then it started that whenever it went blank I couldn't charge until I restated my phone, and then I had to restart it a couple of times. It's so bad now that if I want to recharge my phone I have to restart endlessly and keep my fingers crossed, and whatever is happening on it is drinking battery life like no tomorrow; so my phone is basically unusable at this point. I took it into a Samsung store at the weekend and they recommended a factory reset (which as I couldn't plug it into my computer to backup my files was a nightmare) But that hasn't helped.


Please help me! I'm so lost without my phone!


Hi @Alassieth.


If a factory reset hasn't sorted that one, then it's best to get it looked at again as it'll be a deep software issue that'll require a reflash.

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