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Hi...i have had an S5 in the box for a long time and decided to set it up. I cannot believe there is not an auto start/ auto off setting feature!!!....this means that if i want to set the alarm set for work in the morning i will have to leave the phone on all night as the alarm will not sound if the phone is switched off.. With my old blackberry curve 8520 i was able to program the phone to power off and on at a preset time. Therefore i would set it to power on 5 minutes before the alarm was due to go off. PLEASE tell  me i am mistaken and that there is a setting on the S5 for auto power on/ power of???


Hate to disappoint, @dimmy, but the S5 doesn't have a feature to automatically turn on and off we're afraid.

thanks for the reply.. .I assumed the S5 would have this function being that my 7 year old blackberry did!...however I think this is the case with all Galaxy and android phones...but it means I have to leave the S5 on all night in order for the alarm to go off!!. With my old blackberry I programmed it to power on at 6.55am for the alarm to sound at 7am. Also with the blackberry with an incoming call I could set the alert to vibrate several times before the ringing sounces. I canot find this function on the S5.. as it seems like the vibrate and ringing happen at the same time I correct in this?...thanks

Hey @dimmy

You can customise Sounds and Vibrations in Settings; however steps and features may differ depending on the software version your S5 is running on. Check your version from Settings > About Device.

Hi..can i ask your advice about something else with the Gaaxy S5 phone please. When i select SETTINGS ...then SOUNDS AND NOTIFICATIONS....just below ringtone it says do i change the sound for MEDIA notifications/ alerts please ? present when i adjust the volume on the MEDIA sliding bar it sounds the same as the incoming call ringtone!!!!!..what is classed as it incoming picture messages etc? ALSO many thanks.

The media volume bar shouldn't play any audio or your default ring tone when it's slid left or right it should give no audio alert whilst your sliding the vol control left or right but next time u play any audio/music/video it will play at the level set with the media volume slide control 

Ive had 3or4 gs5''s since 2014 (using one atm) I've had all of them in piece's at some time or another replacing screens, charge ports, mother boards etc there's nothing I don't know about the gs5. Maybe you need to do a system update but media is for any media like music or videos. The other volume controls are obvious so I won't go into details on those. 

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