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Galaxy S22 Series - What do you want to see?

(Topic created on: 23-09-2021 08:55 AM)
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Morning all,

Thought I'd scribble out a quick post to the community with regards to the next Samsung Flagship - likely to be called the Galaxy S22.

Seeing as Samsung seem to base a LOT of their features off of things that come up on this community, I thought it might be a good idea to get everyone's input on what we want to see on the Galaxy S22 Series, to make this the best Samsung phone ever!! I'd love to see everyone's thoughts below - hopefully Samsung reps will see this post and pull our feedback into the final product.

This post was motivated by a post shared by another community member regarding the removal of the IR Blaster. I agree with this community member, therefore here's a list of stuff I'd love to see on the Galaxy S22:
  • Return of the microSD Card Slot - I understand that SD cards can be slow and unreliable, however I'd still like a choice whether I want a card or not, as opposed to having the slot removed. This is a crucial thing to me, that could result in my next phone not being a Samsung phone.
  • Return of the IR Blaster - I'd love to have a phone that can be a Universal Remote Control as well. If nothing else, there were definitely some great times to be had at school and college with the IR Blaster on my phone and the projectors!
  • Offer a free charger with the handset, even if it's not in the box - I understand the eco-benefits around removing the charger from the box, however, if it's purely an eco-benefit, I feel Samsung should offer the option of a free charger per phone. Maybe offer a scheme so that each phone is eligible for one free charger, which can be redeemed at any point throughout the supported life of the phone. This would mean that this offer doesn't necessarily need to be redeemed at the time of purchase. This would be a HUGE win for customers AND the environment!
  • Dual USB-C ports - with the removal of the headphone jack, I feel that offering Dual USB-C ports on a handset might be the way to go! This enables people who charge their phone with a wire to plug accessories into their phone while charging.
  • Keep the hole-punch selfie camera, it offers much better quality than an under-screen camera!
I'd love to see everyone else's thoughts/feature requests in the comments - hopefully Samsung can address some of these on the next release!

Best wishes,
Tom 🙂
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@Ashgreentint wrote:
I find with the E series you got less but what was actually there was high quality, with the FE you got everything but it was all c r a p I mean the fact it didn't have a light sensor at that price it should be illegal lol

I have not been attracted to an FE   model but  I suspected pretty much that experience  though there are different views. Obviously not everyone needs or can justify a flagship but the FE possibly makes too many compromises.

I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.

My Device- S21 Ultra 5G ( SM-998B/DS ) CSC= BTU , 12GB/256GB
One Ui 5.0,Android 13 .

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Yea to be honest the FE would have been a good phone it's the light sensor and poor optimisation that killed it for me, I had one for about a week lol, my wife had the s10e and that has been fab, but also the FE got killed by the 70 quid more expensive s21 which is leaps ahead for 70 quid 🤣
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I know it's a lost cause, but I'd really love to see the IR Blaster coming back. It's such a cheap addition and yet it's the only thing that still makes me prefer Xiaomi, Huawei, Vivo... when choosing a phone.

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That IR Blaster is already gone since S7, I'm not sure why Samsung dropped off this function and never put it back to the phone.

Missing an SD slot is huge bummer for me, as this is a very useful feature and not every one wants to use cloud as a backup. I hope Samsung can see this a consider to put the SD slot back to the S22 series phone (at least the top model).

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I would like to see S22 ultra with S series design, not note design. I don't need s-pen for the phone.