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Galaxy note FE One of the best note series phones i have ever owned.

(Topic created on: 07-05-2024 02:39 PM)

want to start this post of with, if it isn't broke don't fix it

wondering why im saying that? Well here is my story with the galaxy note FE 

i got it in February 2024 and well by then its a outdated phone by most peoples standards but for me, it was one of my most fav phones I've uses as a main. 

why did i use it as a main device? i had a iPhone 14 pro at that time and wanted to give myself a nostalgia trip and well it was definitely that. 

the phone held up really well in London and took some amazing photos too! even though its a 7 year old device. 

i got mine for arround £90 off Facebook marketplace and as a phone collector it was one of my dream devices to own. 

well even though I'm 16 and working for my gcse's it really was a beautiful phone and the hardware was ahead of its time, i was only supposed to main it until my iphone came back from repair but im still using it to this day! my iphone 14 pro has been sat in its AppleCare box collecting dust and not being used at all. its honestly my fav phone of all time and even though Samsung was supposed to collect all the note 7 devices, there is a few stragglers in some peoples draws probably on its second binary! well some are on binary 3 thats noted as "death binary" for being the 0% charge limit

if anyone has a galaxy note 7 im incrediby jelous of you.

well thats my waffle session over peace!

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I loved the Galaxy Note 7. I got both colours available here in the UK at the time.
Really missed them when I had to give them back.
But I also got the Galaxy Note Fan Edition

I did a post about it a while back where I used it for a couple of weeks some years after I last used it
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I remember looking at the Samsung Galaxy Note⁷ in a Samsung Experience Store, and it just stood out aesthetically and knew from first sight I wanted it @Glenntech 

Unfortunately, I wasn't paid until the following Friday, so on my return, i was bewildered when it had been removed from the display plinth, and then dismayed when I learned what had happened. 

@Members_PWRmRiM the phone certainly is a powerful device indeed 👌 

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