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Galaxy Note 8 Ranting (power consumption, slippery, egg)

(Topic created on: 29-12-2017 10:53 AM)
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Just a little ranting about the Galaxy Note 8:


  1. Availability - Why are certain models not available in Europe? (dual-SIM, bigger sized storage, color)
  2. CPU and App power consumption - Why having different CPUs for different countries, for spying reasons? Also it's nice to have a fast CPU, but most of the time, it really does not need to be fast. The power drain is awful, the phone does not survive a normal working day. Apps optimization does nothing. The continuous juggling of powermodes and keeping the available percentages in mind is tiring and annoying. I don't want to think of power at least 24 hours of the day, normal usage.
  3. Slippery (and possibly wrong screen format?) - Why is it so darn slippery? I cant put it on a slightly sloping surface, it just slides away. The Notes which I had before did that too, but in time, they stopped doing that. Also sometimes it just glides out of my hand (see point 4). No phone before (N5,N4,N3,N2) fell out of my hands, out of my pants and off some surfaces like this one. After just two months I've got a crack in the display, because of accidental sliding somewhere. The Screen format is not so bad, but somehow the phone manages to slide out of a lot of pocket on my clothes. Together with the slipperiness I know now how the phone sounds when it falls from hights on different surfaces. There is some knowledge you just dont want to have in life:smileyfrustrated:.
  4. Hold it like an Egg :manindifferent: - I really like the design of the phone, love the rounded edges, but hey, when I hold the phone - especially when I lie on the couch, I always seem to touch the screen on the edges, and the phone does things unexpected. Not to do that is really hard (wrong moves in chess, wrong letters typed in messages and so on). Why don't you account for the little space at the edges, and train to ignore these touches on the side in certain situations? Also, like in point 3 mentioned, clumsy behaviour is promoted. Because it's so slippery and you can't touch the edges, so many times the phone fell... out of my hand, on the floor, in my face (not just once).
  5. Fingerpring Reader - I had to stop using the fingerprint reader because the phone often lies somewhere and I just like to have a sneak peak on the display. Earlier I could just press my Finger on the reader on the front and that unlocked the phone. Now I have to take it in my hand to do that. Also I stopped using it for the benefit of battery power.

Beside these things, I'm relativly happy with the phone.

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Hi @Rhodir



This has been the case for quite a few Samsung Models and other Manufacturer makes too. Market Trend determines this perhaps. 


I wanted the Samsung Note Fe but it wasn't available for me in the UK unless I imported it but then features such as Samsung Pay wouldnt work. That said many do import as they want the alternative model with more Ram / Storage Capacity. 



This has been discussed many times and as such there is lots of relevant advice on various blogs as to why its thought this is implemented. I'm in the UK so have the Exynos Version which is supposed to handle power better but it's all subjective. I personally do not put much into BenchMark Stats. It maybe connected to how the different chipsets perform on the different countries networks !



The materials used for these flagships being all glass backs for wireless charging reasons and current market trend for glass and metal unibodies do make these phones slippery, and again its just not Samsung Models. iPhone's are like holding a bar of soap too. 

Some do like to go caseless which is then an informed risk. I'm in the camp of liking a naked phone but the danger of a drop is all too evident so I prefer a minimal option to protect my phones. I use a Rhinoshield Crashguard Bumper with dbrand Black Dragon Back Skin and a Samsung Official Film type screen protector.

Some like to encase their phone into enough plastic and rubber that'll protect it through a nuclear winter. :winking-face:



I found since the Samsung Galaxy s7 edge the palm rejection software has vastly improved. I get nearly no accidental touch issues.  



Fingerprint technology isn't yet at a stage where its ready to be introduced under the glass. Maybe with the s9 or Note 9 it might be.

Even Apple haven't perfected this technology with their vast resources. 


I agree the fingerprint scanner where it is isn't an optimum position as the phone is so tall but as I believe it Samsung are trying to keep everything semetrical. 


Rumour has it the next models will have the fingerprint scanner just under the camera lens to make it a little lower and help stop smudging on the camera lens. 


I use Retina Unlock more frequently both to unlock my phone and to use it to log on various sites too. 



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