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Galaxy M53 5G - How Many Major Android Upgrades Is This Phone Supposed To Get?

(Topic created on: 14-01-2023 09:17 PM)
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Samsung changed their software upgrade policy in 2022.

The Galaxy A33, A53 and A73 5G are all confirmed to go up to Android 16 / One UI 8.0...


I assume this change also applies to the higher/premium M-series phones?


So the Galaxy M33 and M53 5G will get up to Android 15 / One UI 7.0?

Is there any official documentation on this? Can a Samsung representative chime in?

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Hi @Hylian_Streaker  yes the A33,A53 and A73 will be eligible for 4 years of OS updates.  However as far as I am aware there is no official info on the same for the premium  M series to date,though it is likely more Devices will be added.

This was the official release from February 

The M series not specifically mentioned in this article which was published late last year from Android Police either. 


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