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Galaxy M30s keeps restarting/rebooting after approx. 1-5 minutes

(Topic created on: 29-10-2021 12:26 PM)

Hello and thanks for any help in advance!

I have a Samsung Galaxy M30s smartphone which is about 20 months old. I'm not sure if it's still in warranty.

A few days ago I woke up and started using it – nothing unusual whatsoever, no new apps or messages or glitches – and after about 5 minutes the screen goes completely black and after a quick pause, the phone boots up. I thought it was just a little hiccup but then, after a few minutes, it did it again, and again, and again...


Apart from this obvious problem, the phone isn't showing any signs of being faulty. For the few minutes that the phone is actually on, it works perfectly. There's no warning signs that the phone is about to turn off. It's just a sudden black screen followed by the usual boot screen. No error messages – nothing.


It's only using 50% of its ram (2GB/4GB)

I have about 2GB free storage space (2GB/64GB)

The phone doesn't appear to be overheating

It's fully charged (So it claims)


So, here's a list of things I've tried already:


  • Optimizing the phone using the widget on the home screen
  • Booting the phone in Safe Mode to see if any apps were causing the problem.
  • Running a virus scan using AVG (but I've never managed to complete a scan before the phone shuts down and reboots)
  • Giving the phone a knock and a shake to see if the battery connection was loose
  • Booting into recovery mode and clearing the system cache partition
  • I've cleaned all of the little holes and the USB connection just in case
  • I've tried booting the phone whilst it's charging from a power socket, and from a PC


^None of these things above solved the problem^


Things I haven't tried:

  • Uninstalling apps
  • Prying into the phone to see if there's any obvious mechanical failure
  • Factory Reset

etc, etc...


The reason I'm reluctant to do a factory reset is because I don't want to brick my phone if it decides to shut down whilst it's doing a factory reset. I'm also worried that If the phone shuts down whilst I'm uninstalling apps, it may also brick itself. It also doesn't stay on long enough for me to backup some photos I haven't backed up yet. So I'm a bit stuck between a rock and a hard place.


Any tips or solutions would be greatly appreciated.


Cheers everyone!

Big Cheese
Try taking it to a phone repair shop and they should easily resolve this issue 😎. Just describe exactly what you have done and haven't done (and why) in the post above and you should be good to go 😀. Hope this helps! 🙂
Does it shut down and reboot when running off a charger connected to your mains? Most likely you've tried that already, but if not then that may give you enough time to factory reset.

Yeah, even does it off the mains. Plugged in and fully charged. Really bizarre behavior. 

Cheers for the reply!


Actually, just to add - when I plug the phone in I get the lightening bolt symbol (as usual) and then the battery percentage climbs from 0% to 100% for about 2 seconds. Is that normal? Could still be a battery problem I guess... probably good if it's just the battery

I just put my phone (different model) on charge from the mains to see, and the graphics don't jump from 0 to 100 here so you might have located the problem. Maybe a battery fault and the phone isn't picking up on it correctly. Though if it was battery drain then it'd be unlikely it has enough power to reboot once, let alone repeatedly. Sorry I couldn't be of help. Given you've tried everything you have to date, the only option sounds like taking it to repair.