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Galaxy J5 2017 LCD broken, Pls help me reset it

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the LCD display of my Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 turned black after I dropped it from about 20 centimeters a few days ago. I am not able to either let it be repaired or repair it myself at the moment and I wanted to reset it because several services such as the alarm clock do still work and disturb me every day. 

In order to reset it on Google, I need an internet connection, which is not established on the phone at the moment. The other way of resetting it requires me to see the pictures on the screen, but that is of course not possible.

The last chance for me to get the phone reset without paying money is probably what I am asking for now:

I am searching for someone with exactly the same phone model to send me screenshots of the login screen and the quick options that you can access by dragging down the screen from the top to the bottom when you are looking at the home screen. Then I could use these screenshots to figure out, where I need to tap in order to enable wifi again and reset it on remote.

I contacted the Samsung Support, but they could not help me.

I hope that my English was not too bad and that there is someone around here who can help me.

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Had the same problem I had to claim through my insurance to get a new one they said it was completely broken pretty sure it's near impossible to fix sorry
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If this was my situation @Hechtkopf I'd pack away the phone somewhere away from my vicinity so i wasnt disturbed by the sounds and just let the battery deplete. 



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Thank you for your reply.

Indeed that is what I treid, but it still is pretty loud... and I can not put it in the cellar, where it is really moist. But I guess, I will either have to smash it some day or just get a few plastic boxes in which I can put it and hope that some day the battery will die... but with some luck, I will get a new phone soon and then I don't need the J5 anymore, so maybe I can smash it... I don't want to give it to someone else with all the data on it...

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