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Galaxy core prime Freezing/ crashing

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My samsung Galaxy Core Prime started freezing a few days ago for no reason. I turn my phone on and it works perfectly fine for about 2 minutes and then it just freezes. Sometimes it works fine for longer but whenever I connect to WIFI it seems to freeze quicker. Everytime it freezes I have to take the battery out of the phone for about a minute otherwise it wont turn on. 

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Superuser I
Have you recently updated the firmware ? Or check if there is a firmware pending in your software update settings.
Try powering down the phone and follow the process to clear the system cache. A google search will highlight how to do this if your not aware on how to do this.

If no resolution then as a last resort create a Back Up and Factory Reset.

If no resolution then a Samsung Service Location should be able to run a diagnostic on it.

My advice comes from being a UK Samsung Phone User.

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Is there a way where I can find out what exactly is wrong with my phone (a corrupt file, app, update...). Also, is there a way where I can transfer everything on my phone to my laptop incase I have to factory reset my phone. The thing i'm confused about is that my phone works perfectly and then suddenly freezes, so im not sure if factory resetting my phone will work because it may be someting to do with the sofware.


Hi @Zeed.


You can use Smart Switch to backup your data to your laptop.


A data backup and factory reset is the last resort tech support will use to resolve software issues before advising a repair. 


Also, it may be worth trying it in Safe Mode for a bit, as it runs the phone with only the stock apps, and so is a good way to see if a non-stock app is the cause of the issue.

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I had problems with apps crashing and files getting corrupted, which seemed to get better when I put in a different (actually much smaller 4GB) micro SD memory card. I suspect the previous micro SD card (128GB) was a fake product which caused problems.

So perhaps try a different memory card and see if that makes a difference - even a small cheap (but not fake !) card might make difference, as apps and the operating system may use it and have problems if it is faulty.
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