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Galaxy A5 2017 app notifications

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I've been having an issue with my phone for the past while now.
If I get notifications while I'm on data, once I reconnect to my home wifi, the notifications will all come back at once and cause my phone to constantly make alert sounds and say that i have (for example) 18 notifications from apps.

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Superuser I

This could be an issue with the data strength your receiving from your network @ErikPark1997 not being good enough where you are to receive notifications.


Might also be worth checking your notifications preferences section in your phone for your apps.


Can you run a speed test using perhaps Ookla Speedtest to see what your getting.


The testvwilk use 30-40mb of data allowance.


So when your on phone stable wifi the notifications can then be sent.


As a process of elimination can you try your sim card in another phone  ?



My advice comes from being a UK Samsung Phone User.

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