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Frustrated and looking for advice - unusual issue.

(Topic created on: 10-03-2018 08:04 PM)

Issues with Samsung S7 edge, really hoping for some advice. I realise this is an unusual one so bear with me.


Got the Phone on contract with EE through carphone warehouse.


Phone developed fault gradually where reception would be crappy, I thought it was just the reception from provider and didn't realise it's actually the phone it self until it stopped all together.


Took the phone back to a local Samsung repair centre, they "fixed" the phone by swapping out the main board and apparently the phone has a Vodafone buyer code so they had to flash is with Vodafone specific firmware. The phone is now locked to Vodafone with Vodafone apps. This was not the case when I first received the phone.


Phones from carphone warehouse are not locked and are stock. I know this as a customer and a former employee. 


Now the repair centre told me to go away since they can't help me at all. The manager even advised that I should go to carphone warehouse and throw a hissy fit for selling me the wrong phone. Talk about unprofessional.


I have talked to samsung on the phone that have told me to go back to carphone warehouse since Samsung can't swap the main board for a generic one with stock firmware due to multiple conflicting reasons stated depending on who I talked to. Have spoken to 4 different advisors and one manager. One even told me that Samsung doesn't have the resources. Wow ok.


Talked to carphone warehouse and they told me to go back to Samsung since they are the ones that messed up my phone.


Both companies are a joke in terms of support for this issue and keep blaming each other. 


I did eventually find someone in a local carphone warehouse store that is willing to help me, he spend an hour of his time calling various departments which were trying to make him go away as well but he persisted. Eventually carphone advised him for me to get in touch with Samsung to get a written confirmation of the phone being a Vodafone specific handset.

I did exactly that today, just to be told by Samsung support that they cannot provide me with this information since the advisors and the managers don't have emails! What a joke. Am I actually supposed to be believe that bull*****. Seriously.

Got told to go back to carphone warehouse store and call Samsung store so the Samsung support guys can "help" the guy working in the store start an internal investigation. Kept being told that there's a procedure. When asked what procedure... Got told they have a procedure. 

Been without a phone for two weeks and getting pretty irritated. It's all so ***** disappointing since I have always recommended Samsung to everyone I meet, always praised the products and now this.

Hoping someone could help me here.


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Hi @googlies


I'm not surprised your unimpressed at this situation. 


Going from the Consumer Rights Act 2015 is the retailer ie Carphone Warehouse that has a Duty of Care to remedy your issues as they apply the Manufacturing Warranty and not Samsung in this case. 


Please look at the link above to see more info on what you can do. 


The water gets a little muddy as a Samsung Service Location has carried out the repair.


Was this by chance a Carphone Warehouse too who carried out the repair ?


Yes Carphone Warehouse supply unlocked Samsung Galaxy phones with the difference if I remember correctly is that the CsC Code is Xeu and not Btu which is what my s8 is as I bought directly from Samsung. 


As Samsung didn't supply the phone originally then they'll most probably not want to get involved. 


The proverbial ' hot potatoe' scenario !!




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speak to a Solicitor. Do you have any friends from your former emplment who still wotk in the industry?  What about email SamMobile?


Thanks for the reply.


The repair was carried out directly by Samsung repair centre once and then I booked another repair for a pickup as advised by a Samsung advisor through customer service. 


Carphone warehouse customer service on the phone was useless and a "senior team leader" tried to convince me that my warranty is now void since I got the repair done directly by Samsung. Where the carphone warehouse's tech team confirmed that's nonsense.


Know a few people still working for carphone warehouse. Will ask them as well.