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Five years of Android updates and a long-term security updates.

(Topic created on: 25-09-2023 04:06 PM)
Samsung was on the top with its four years of Android updates, but quite recently, 
Google said that from the Google Plxel 8 Pro it will have a five years software support. 
Exactly what Apple has. 
And don't forget about iPhone 15 series. 
Since they have a USB-C connector, 
it will be easier for the Android users to switch to an iPhone, easier than ever. 
And for the effort to delay the price erosion, 
the deprivation of its smartphones, 
the longer term support is crucial. 

Actually Google has been quoted in saying it looking forward in providing 7 years OS in future I very much doubt Samsung will follow.
Samsung will must.
Since Apple has USB-C connector, it will be much easier to switch to iPhone for the Android users.
And Google Pixel phones are praised for their exceptional value for money.
For a big group of people is not so important the brand (of course, I'm talking about android, not iOS),
but the parameters and value.
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Depends what you want from a phone.
I tend to change frequently anyway. But I don't understand why people go from a feature packed phone to an iPhone.
The iPhone is quite boring, and I say that as I have one that I need for certain things unfortunately.
But my S23 Ultra and Z Fold 5 are far better phones. More interesting as well.
Well that's my opinion anyway.
Take more than a USB-c port I would think.
The software support after 3 years on apple is just minor stuff anyway. It may go up to the new iOS number, but essentially it changes very little.
The batteries degrade just as quickly as well
Though I will concede that after sales care is very good if you have the insurance.
I've not had to use Samsung Care+. So don't have that experience. Though a couple of friends have used it and had no issues
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Personally, I think 5 years or more as a guarantee would only be feasible on the top of line S, Flip and Fold series. Android is evolving so fast, the relevance after just a couple years is phasing them out quickly. Besides this, the new OSes just become demanding and people will most definitely be complaining about performance down the line vs their next gen counterparts.
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I had a few iphones in the past and certainly think that Samsung devices are more innovative, whilst greater support is a selling point other factors outweigh that . Not so crucial obviously for customers who update fairly regularly.

I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.

I'm a Samsung user since their Omnia.
But, I'm talking from the Samsung's perspective.
They are not persuade the majority about the value of the brand.
The majority thinks that Apple products are more luxurious and prestigious,
because Apple has technically just an expensive flagships.
Samsung on the other hand has not just its S Series and Z Series, but also a plenty of almost identical A Series phones, one million of a barely working, slow craps, filled with a tons of bloatware.
And if you know something about the low-end phones,
there is always a huge problem with them.
For just a little bit more money, if you're not lazy to find the perfect option and the perfect offer,
you can buy a much better phone.
Let's take as an example Samsung Galaxy A14 5G.
It's a very cheap phone.
But, for a little bit more money, you can buy a Samsung Galaxy A 34 5G,
which is a different league.
Or, instead of that,
if you are willing to spend more, you can buy a new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, which is still a great phone, considering the fact it's possible to get one for just about £400.
Yes, it's old, but I have a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G and a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G and of course,
S23U is better,
but I did side-by-side comparison and the difference is barely noticeable in practice.
Still have S21U as my spare phone.
And even S10 5G,
which I gave to my friend,
is still capable of doing the job perfectly.
The only bad thing about S10 5G is not the official upgrade to Android 13,
or later.
You don't get my point.
It's mainly about the value of the second hand phones on the market.
If you're going to sell your let's say a two years old phone, its value will be higher,
because someone,
who is buying your used,
two years old phone will know that the phone has another three upcoming software updates.
Not everyone is happy to buy a phone, without any future support from the company.
Let's take Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, for example.
It's still a phone capable of doing pretty much everything,
despite being too old.
But because Samsung is not going to bring an update to Android 13 or later,
it's value on the market is significantly lower,
than it should have been.
I had that phone in pristine,
excellent condition.
Even with the original foils on it, with the box and everything together,
not any scratches,
plus I bought a new,
original genuine Samsung battery and let it replaced.
On the pawn shop they told me, no update of the system, £100.
So, I gave it to my friend instead.
That's what I'm talking about.
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Samsung will watch the market place intently and adjust what they do accordingly to remain a defining part of their sector. 

Many do keep their phone's for years so should in my opinion be supported in regards to security updates for as long as possible. 

Daily Driver > Samsung Galaxy s²⁴ Ultra 512Gb ~ Titanium Black.

The advice I offer is my own and does not represent Samsung’s position.
I'm here to help. " This is the way. "

I'm not saying that Samsung's executives
are stupid.
It's about their
own money after all.
The playground is divided almost 50/50 for Apple and Samsung.
And Apple has a longer software support.
It's simple as that.
The longer term support is obviously more costly for Samsung.
But it will pay off.
Because no one else from the big five
(Samsung, Apple,
Xiaomi, Oppo,
and Vivo)
has not better policy.
And Oppo and Vivo are planning to leave the European market in a near future.
So Xiaomi/Redmi/Poco
as the midrange king,
Nokia is making a suicide,
Motorola is not so bad,
just a short support.
Sony is mainly
for its fanclub,
Tecno and Infinix are the big players in the poor developing countries,
so we have
Honor, OnePlus,
and it's pretty much everything.
Huawei is irrelevant
and the others have just a fractions of the market share.