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faulty J3 screen

(Topic created on: 24/07/17 18:12)
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I got a new contract with Vodafone and J3 mobile. The phone didn't get used much as I have another so it spent most of its time on the shelf. When it was a week old I picked it up and the screen had cracked. I have been messed about by Vodaphone for over a month now. They promise to sort it out for free. Tell me to take it back to the shop and the shop refuses to do it for free. Where can I go for help?

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Hi @Faults


When you first picked up the phone from Vodafone when you broke the seal to check its condition and that it booted up and there was no screen damage ?


Is there any chance at all that the phone fell off the shelf ?


Not what you probably want to hear but I'm not surprised the Network is dubious of a cracked screen on a phone that's been in your possession for a week. 


Vodafone U.K. have a 30 day cooling off period that allows a person to return a phone but in your situation it would have to be some form of exception for them to return a damaged phone. 


The Manufacturing Warranty wouldn't cover accidental damage or what appears to be accidental damage in your case. 


You mention Vodafone have said they'd resolve this for free. Do you have this in writing via email or text ?

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