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Exclamation mark on wifi Samsung A6+

(Topic created on: 27-01-2020 12:13 AM)
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When I use my wifi I get the exclamation mark problem, when i open wifi settings it says internet may not be available. On other android devices there is no problem with my net, i have tried multiple networks and it is the same thing for all of them. No, this is not happening all the time, whenever I play games it happens every 2 minutes, this also happens when i watch youtube, messenger, facebook and basically everything. I have reset Network settings,factory reset, changing to static in wifi settings.. Any solutions please??? i bought this phone (A6+ 2018) 2 weeks ago


Superuser II
Superuser II
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I'd suggest to take it back to source and ask for it to either be swapped out under any relevant cooling off period or if over the cooling off period then have a diagnostic on it.


That or a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre can help.


If you perform a Google Search you'll see quite a few hits on the issue with an ! and Wifi issues with troubleshooting tips available.


I wish you all the best with this situation. 





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I own a Samsung Galaxy A6+ since November 2018 and it has always presented random exclamation marks in the WiFi connection (which means it loses connection, and the instant solution is to turn OFF and then back ON the WiFi connection in your smartphone).


It really pisses me off but I don't do sensible things with my smartphone, so I have dealt with this issue for more than 1 year without bothering much (I looked for solutions but only Factory Reset did something useful and it is only temporary).


If Samsung doesn't address this issue with some of their models, I am sure my next phone will NOT be a Samsung. This one has pissed me so much and there hasn't been an update yet that solves it. Very disappointed.