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Email with EAS (Exchange Active Sync) fails on wifi but is OK on Mobile Data

(Topic created on: 02-01-2018 05:30 PM)

Hope someone can assist.

I have a Galaxy S7 Edge (purchased December 2017) and all is at the latest software level.

IMAP, GMAIL and POP all work OK on wifi and mobile data.

The MS Exchange email however keeps failing to sync on wifi but work very well and fast on mobile data. Suddenly, it can work for 5 minutes (albeit VERY slowly) then maybe stalls for 1 hour and a manual sync fails to complete (date/time stays unchanged from last update).

I had heard on several other forums that Samsung have issues such as these with the Galaxy and EAS? Any help or ideas? Samsung... you must have heard of issues such as these?

BTW - LG and HTC phones work fine with EAS on the exact same router/hub configuration. Internet works fine, but the EAS aspect of email and I think sometimes the Playstore hangs.


I have tried using an open wifi network with no security which seems to work without fault. I can only deduce that somehow wifi networks using WPA2 seem to be causing these issues. I have tried BT Homehub 5 on both 2,4 and 5ghz, also TP-Link Deco M5 with WPA2 and both give the same problems. Connecting to a BT Homehub on the FON connection (no security) works OK.