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How can I set a 'default alias' for all outbound emails using the standard Samsung email app on my Galaxy S8 (note: I don't wish to use an alternative app) - thanks.

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Superuser I

Are you wanting to not display your email address on outbound emails ?


If so I use Samsung's Email App and am currently unable to find any setting. 



My advice comes from being a UK Samsung Phone User.

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I have the same problem. The native Samsung S8 app is far too basic to be useful. I' still using my ancient Nokia 920 phone to send emails pending finding a solution, which is likely to be ditch the Samsung email app!


Thank you for replying.  I have 2 email accounts and wish to use an app to receieve emails from both, but when sending, the mails only get sent via 1 email account.  I have now found an app to to do this, which is perfect.  The app I recommend is MailDroid Pro.  Thanks for replying once again.

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