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During Calls - I Hear a fizzle or hissing sound on my s8 !



I have a problem, i just bought a samsung galaxy s8 and during calls i hear a fizzle or hissing sound, more noticeble in rooms where it's quiet . So i hear the other person on the other line with no problem but at the same time i hear that sound, that it's very disturbing to my ear and causing me some problems to my ears. I did send it to warranty, i don't know how they checked it and repaired it (maybe they changed the earpiece, don't know for sure), but it came back with the same problem and they said it's fixed (maybe i have a sensible hearing but i did have other phones and did not do that). I mean it's a flagship, i did pay some money on this, why it has this problems ? Does somebody have a fix ? or guide me to what i can do ?  To be clear i did a factory reset and i am on the latests updates.

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I can understand how this would be annoying for you @Silviu_M


Can I ask.....


Does the issue remain the same wherever you go and initiate calls and can the recipient of the call hear this sound ?


When you insert the sim card in another phone does the issue still 100% cease as per your mention in your post.


Are you able to turn Off 4G and 3G in the phone to force 2G which can stabilise calls.


How long have you owned the Samsung phone ? I ask as there maybe a cooling off period. I certainly wouldn't have had a repair on a phone that's been owned for say less than 30 days.


If ruling out the Network is proved then the hardware on the phone is the next stage and although I appreciate you've had the phone repaired I would certainly approach the repair house again to raise your ongoing concerns with this phone.


A Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre can run a diagnostic on the phone too.


I wish you all the best with this situation.





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>The other person doesn't hear that specific sound when i speak on the phone,just only me.

>I had the sim card for a while and didn't have a problem with it on other phones, but i will go to my provider and change it.

>Yes I'm able to turn off/on 2g,3g ,LTE/3G/2G. 

The sound is still there.


>I mentioned the problem, but I don't know what they did with the phone, but in that paper  that i got from warranty they said they changed the audio module.That's why it's a little bit weird, how they check a phone that comes back with the same problem. I don't see anything noticeble on the back of the phone.

If they changed that, I'm thinking the problem is from elsewhere that is causing the earpiece to sound like that.

I know i've could return the product, but i do like the phone and i have a few more days within in those 30 days. But still i hope is a fix for this problem. Another step ? Thank you . 



You're welcome and I hope you find a solution. 


Personally I'd be asking for a new replacement from the seller. 



Current Phone ~

Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G SM-9820 _ Samsung One Ui 2.5/ Android 10. Snapdragon 865+


Hello again,


>I did find the problem: the specific noise it's called :


-----  WHITE NOISE !-------



You can look on wikipedia or google it.


>This noise it boders me only when i have to make some calls and the phone is close to my ear.


In the settings of the "Call" app they removed the option :

Noise reduction:

Suppress background noise during calls.


>Anybody have some suggestions to what i can do ? 






Hi I'm having the same issue with ear speaker on my s10 I used to have an s5 years ago and it didn't do it its been like this since the s7 s8 and s9 I have contacted samsung regarding this it's very annoying 


Same issue on galaxy a40, they changed 2 phone directly from the onlineshop, the i sent the third phone to samsung, they gave me a new a40 but it has the same problem. I returned with the new phone (the fourth) to samsung and they said that they don't hear anything, but they try to hear it in a noisy room. Anyone have a solution?

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