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Dual messenger on j7 WHY NOT S8?


Why not put this cool feature on S8 dual sim too?

It's on the J7 max.


I wonder how long it will take for someone to notice this let alone follow it through

Also files are being merged in dual messenger when they should be segregated. Major coding flaw.

And there it is.... 2018 still no update regarding dual messenger feature?

does samsung need to wait until major update just to release the small feature which is more like an apps ( parallel space )? tell u the truth...

im far more enjoy using my Mi6 which is more customable ( dual apps, dual space ) than ur S8+.

If its not because the gorgeous design and premium look, ive sell it a long time away...

For me, its looks like samsung only concentrate on getting new customer whether its prime ( Note 8 ) nor middle level ( J7 ) rather than maintaining existing customer.

Thanks Samsung for your bad after sales.


If u had read news about s8/8+samsung had just finished the beta, should be near from releasing the oreo with dual messenger in it.


I had the mi6, the dual app for whatsapp is buggy, let alone the phone's firmware update not the miui but the android version, custom firmware not everyone want to use custom firmware for various reasons, sold mine n keep the s8.


Ps. Parallel space is secure folder equivalent (vice versa) which is already available from the first the day, and yes u can have dual whatsapp with secure folder, but still i want more, the dual messenger, and eventually it'll come.

based on gsmarena, sammobile, s8 oreo update is rolling out since yesterday, anyone here got the update ?

based on gsmarena, sammobile, s8 oreo update is rolling out since yesterday, anyone here got the update ?

Have you yet gotten the update? 


no i have not, quite a bummer...... i read several countries have gotten it.

are they purposely hold the update, timing with the s9 launch - order, don't know~


On Wednesday after I sent that message, I went to check for any software updates and surprisingly there was the oreo update over there. I don't know why I didn't get notified about it but I have since been using oreo on my S8. 


is it just me then ?
samsung hate me....

I just got the update, and the first thing i notice that, my app shortcut from secure folder that should in my home screen is missing.

even in the secure folder, i cannot find the option to create shortcut to homescreen.... please advise, how to create app shortcut from secure folder to the home screen...


thanks in advance.

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