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Dual messenger on j7 WHY NOT S8?


Why not put this cool feature on S8 dual sim too?

It's on the J7 max.


I wonder how long it will take for someone to notice this let alone follow it through


Stick to Secure Folder for now, IMO currently works better, DM still needs some work but is prommising option.

Still cannot restore Viber archive when using DM, it crash Google Play Services and cannot connect my Google account


Secure folder is not handy for a daily use. Tried porting the Dual Messenger feature from Note 8 to S8.. It works but then bugs everywhere.. Eagerly waiting for a reply from the Samsung Team for an Update.. 


I received a software update but there is no dual messenger feature yet. Suddenly we S8 users are being treated as 3rd grade citizens by Samsung. Wasn't expecting this just a few months after purchasing a nearly 900 USD flagship smartphone which is no longer cared about by it's manufacturers. 

** Change ur attitude and approach towards your customers and products Samsung, we love what you make, and I hope it will stay that way. 


From my understanding, it'd be implemented when oreo update comes out.................................

not next minor firmware update.....


Hi all.


Definitely not abandoning you S8 folks! Or the idea of a dual-messenger here.


As much as we'd love to be Picard:


Pickard_make it so.JPG


And then it it happens pretty much there and then, in practice it doesn't quite work like that.


To give a bit of insider insight into these kinds of things, any new feature needs to be checked with all software parties concerned (e.g. Android, networks) to ensure it doesn’t present any issues with their stuff, and then working together to resolve any ones that may be there. How that conversation goes can vary quite a bit - hence why any additions are not an instant thing; can vary in their rollout depending on local areas; and we’re unable to give timeframes for you guys.


Hope this helps! :robothappy:

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It would be helpful if You can help make DM to start working on Note8 :smiling-face:

This update seems like its never going to appear.


Been waiting for months now.


Maybe fake news lol

This is out on xda dev site ported from note 8 for cooked roms since sept. Need to do official release asap now.

I updated my phone last night and it's still not including dual messenger. 


What are they waiting for? 



oreo update, which is 1st quarter next year, if not mistaken.
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