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Dual messenger on j7 WHY NOT S8?


Why not put this cool feature on S8 dual sim too?

It's on the J7 max.


I wonder how long it will take for someone to notice this let alone follow it through


They say they have to check for compatibility but if its released on note8 and j7 it cant be that difficult. 


Samsung lies 

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I'm also suffering in my s8 plus i realy need dual massenger

Keep dreaming everyone. And maybe in 2020 we will see this feature. 


such a negatifity, at least do your homework, before critizing,

watch this

by android central, watch~!


it's based on Oreo beta 4, from reading ***** n there, the update should come in late January 2018 or early February 2018



i have updated my software in S8 but still Dual messenger is not available
Android Version 7.1
Samsung Experience Version 8.1
Updat Version


Same *****. Samsung only like supporting new customers. Samsung lies.


They're too busy making funny adverts against rivals instead of keeping existing customers happy. 


And no body watch the you tube link, nor read the whole posts.....

And keep on nangging and complaining, lame.

It will be implemented on the next major update which is Oreo = android 8, watch the youtube link above.

The beta update is half way. 

On the j7 you can install whatsapp dual messenger and then again in secure folder dual whatsapp again


Complaining because i have a right to. 

If its available since so long ago on a mid range device then why the delay for a flagship? 


This is unacceptable.


Imagine having a feature released for ipod but not iphone. Samsung would be making ads mocking them. 


Fully entitled to my opinion before you start bashing people calling them 'lame'. 


Sad person, youre the one hwo gets upset if a consumer gives a bad review for a corporation. 


Might want to re evaluate life priorities. 

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