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dicrepancy between S7 phonebook and Google contact after sync

(Topic created on: 31-12-2018 06:38 PM)
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Dear Gents,


I found following weird thing. If I check my phone book at my S7 mobile there is more than 3000 contacts. If I navigate to my gmail contacts I see only 500 contacts associated with accross various group. I did manually sync with my google account under S7 settings but there is still huge discprepancy in number of contact.

I noticed that contacts shown on gmail are always associated with certain group. Then when I enter new contact I am not getting always dialog and associate my contact with gmail. Can anybody make me sure if this could be reason for discrepancy? If so how to associate and do sync forcibly?I am frequently changing phone so I want to have all contact in gmail contact replica. Many thanks for help. Any advice would be highly welcomed. Kindest regards, Andy