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(Topic created on: 28-01-2018 11:52 PM)
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My contacts keep merging/mixing with other contacts.

for example I have one contact named dad and another name mum after I save the numbers after a few minutes for some reason my mum number is saved under my dad's information but also saved under my mum as well.

when I click edit on my dad's contact information it shows my dad's contact number but when I swipe to see the app that are linked(eg. Whatdapp,viber etc) i go on the WhatsApp tab and i see mum's number is linked to my dad's contact information. But it won't let me delete the entry, theres not even an option. 

I contact whatsapp but they said it got nothing to do with them. 

I deleted all contacts and entered the number all over again. But still happens. But not to a specific contact. To various ones. 

And also its not just for whatsapp its for viber aswell. It seems to radomely merge numbers. But when i look on whatsapp itself the contacts are all fine. Its just the contacts app on the phone that somehow merge random contact together. 


Help please?

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To me this sounds like your phone is syncing with various sources. 


Launch your Contacts App and press the 3 little dots in top Rh corner. Look at the Manage Contacts and the options in there and any relevant settings too. 



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