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Connecting my A5 to my new RVR

(Topic created on: 18-01-2019 03:51 AM)
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I have been trying to connect with USB, the bluetooth connects fine.  My mirrorlink keeps turning off when i try to connect and I can not change my USB options to file transfer from charging.

 😞  just a tad frustrating.

Other Smartphones
I use S8+ and I use this process. I recorded this if it helps you:

In the future also you might get the certficate issue with Mirrorlink. Here is the solution:
I knew what I discovered would be useful somehow.
I came here just so you guys can try. I have a S8+ and a Peugeot 2008 17/17 with Mirrorlink connection and I was using all normally until few days ago. I started to get the message of Certificate Not Valid for this App.
What I did? Go to SETTINGS>>APPLICATIONS and check the SHOW SYSTEM FILE. Search for Samsung Mirrorlink 1.1 and delete CACHE and DATA.

Once I connected to my car again I noticed the message wasn't being shown anymore. With the phone connected, I tap on the screen and saw there was a message "Mirrorlink needs to use Data to download a file" (or something aroudn those lines. I tap AGREE and the file was downloaded.

Removed the device and reconnected and VOIALA! Mirrorlink was working again.
Also for everyone with Samsung and mirrorlink, try to use this process I video taped:

I hope this helps someone. I got so happy I can use mirrorlink again in my car.