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Chrome OS on Samsung Galaxy TabPro S

(Topic created on: 07-05-2019 07:03 PM)
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Hello guys :smiling-face:

recently i received a TabPro S as a gift since i cant afford a pc at the moment. sadly it ships with a Windows 10 OS which runs extremely poorly on this under-powered device. since i got it I installed chromium OS on it but I have been facing hard times trying to make everything work.


- For the amazing OLED screen the builtin brightness controls are not working since its an OLED screen with no back-light. This brightness Controller works with icc color profile. how do i install it through the Chromium terminal? is there alternatives since Xrandr is no longer supported under Chromium OS? There are some Chromebooks out there with OLED screens. i wonder if there is a way to copy whatever they are using to control the screen!


- The sound card ALC298 is supposed to be supported under Linux. However there is no sound coming through the speakers and there is no solution i found so far. 


on this page the driver for the webcam is called "Intel 2D Imaging driver". is it supported on Linux? The Camera on this device needs these drivers in order to work:

Intel Control Logic (Device ID :

Intel CSI2 Host Controller (Device ID : PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_9D32 )

Intel Imaging Signal Processor 2500 (Device ID : PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1919 )

I havent found any offical LINUX release but some are working on bringing the drivers to the platform. anyone knows if someone was successful ?


- Sadly i have found no evidence that the SMO8A80 accelerometer is supported or if there is Linux driver for it out there... maybe there is a way around this? 

The Accelerometer driver is called :

SAMSUNG K2HH Accelerometer Driver

This GitHub page and This one offer varius Samsung devices drivers. Are they useable ? Can anyone make a useable Linux driver out of them ? The device ID: ACPI\VEN_SMO&DEV_8A80&SUBSYS_C135144D


With a lot of luck everything else works great on this device and the experience is truly refreshing after having to spend a couple of weeks suffering with windows 10. It would be amazing if you guys can point me in the direction where i can get the last of those shortcomings covered.