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Choose SIM to call contact from Secure Folder

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I'm using a Galaxy S8 Duos with 2 SIM-cards installed, 1 for work the other for private. I've setup the Secure Folder for the Apps I use professionally, my work email, my work WhatsApp, etc. The contacts that are available in the Secure Folder are the ones synced by ActiveSync from my work, all works well. But when I call one of those contacts I can't choose which SIM-card I want to use, although it seems to use the Work SIM-card, how do I know for sure, of how can I choose this? (I can choose the outgoing SIM for the Contacts outside of the Secure Folder)


And another question, I've setup 2 ringtones, one for each SIM, but when I get called by a business contact (residing in the Secure Folder) on my Work SIM it still uses the "default" ringtone, not the one set for SIM 1, not the one set for SIM 2... 

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I have the same problem on

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