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Change folders/source of photos

(Topic created on: 03-05-2017 10:19 AM)
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Hi, I'm hoping someone would be able to help me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Yesterday, I was uploading photos to Facebook and Instagram, when out of the blue, about 700 pictures from my Whatsapp image folder were inserted between the photos I had been taking. So every time I want to upload a photo from earlier in the day, I've got to scroll through loads of photos. 

I'm guessing it's a quirk on the apps' end, as my Google photos are correctly ordered, but is there anything I can do to correct It?

As a side question, when uploading photos to Facebook, can I choose the picture folder I want to select photos from? I've recently switched back from an iPhone, where I was able to choose from the screen shots/ Instagram folder etc. I'm hoping it's just something I'm not doing correctly, rather than it not being an available feature. 

Thank you!


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Hey @AnnieRose89,


What phone are you using and what software version is it running on? When you open the Gallery app, can you check that you have 'Albums' selected rather than 'Pictures' from the options along the top of the screen?


The Facebook app does not allow you to select individual folders, but will display all images from your Gallery. A way around this would be to highlight the images that you wish to upload to Facebook in your Gallery first, then select Share > Facebook.


Let us know if you're still having problems viewing the images. :smileyhappy: