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Cell Standby/Android System/Google Play Services battery drain for Oreo on S7




I really like my S7 Edge. However as a direct result of installing the Oreo update I have significant battery drain. The drain is attributable to cell standby which sometimes reaches over 50% of battery use. It definitely did not do this on Nougat, ever. 


I have not added any apps to cause this problem and would really like a suggestion about what to do. I can't believe Safe Mode will have any effect as this has happened as a result of the upgrade, not rogue apps. I am not keen to do a factory reset either as I can't see the benefit. I have cleared the cache, removed some apps, restarted etc, turned off any battery hungry options in settings but to no avail.


If anybody could help me I would be very grateful. I believe it is a bug in Oreo or Samsung's altered version of Oreo but cannot prove either. I can't think what to do apart from find out how to downgrade back to Nougat, which I don't want to do.


Many thanks.


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@Tecnico wrote:
Guys, can anyone kindly provide a link to ERG2 CP file (modem) download only. It's just over 43 MB. No need to download/use the other parts of the Oreo update, right?
Thanks in advance!

Flat or Edge? I advise you install telegram, join a channel called "Sac23 chat group" and search there for all the latest bl and cp files. 

S7 Flat

TWRP Flashable Bootloader + Modem

-Latest ERG4+ERG2 (20July2018)
-Galaxy S7 Flat (ONLY)

In Telegram SAC23 CHAT GROUP you find it July 20 at 16:29

Nothing for Edge though

@Tecnico wrote:

Nothing for Edge though

I got it from 4pda russian forum for registered users only for the edge

Right folks for me anyway I can confirm this new update fixes my issues.  Cell standby is only 2%.  I've hammer my phone today and its at 60%, Previously with same usage I could be at 40% by now.

Today's usage on latest firmware. I'm usually dead by now.Today's usage on latest firmware. I'm usually dead by now.



It seems like you are on Wi-Fi, no 4G?

I got an OTA update yesterday (340mb- erg2) on my S7 flat, and although it's too early to tell, the battery drain looks better on 4G.


I've noticed using gsam that before this OTA update, under the application details, kernel (android OS) and android system were consuming around 35% of the battery used by apps. Now it's down to 13%.


The global battery consumption looks more balanced between the screen and the app usage. I'll keep you updated.



With ERG2 modem and LTE:
first night (8h) - 2% discharge (as it should be)
second night - 18%
So, no magic bullet for me yet. (
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