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Cell Standby/Android System/Google Play Services battery drain for Oreo on S7




I really like my S7 Edge. However as a direct result of installing the Oreo update I have significant battery drain. The drain is attributable to cell standby which sometimes reaches over 50% of battery use. It definitely did not do this on Nougat, ever. 


I have not added any apps to cause this problem and would really like a suggestion about what to do. I can't believe Safe Mode will have any effect as this has happened as a result of the upgrade, not rogue apps. I am not keen to do a factory reset either as I can't see the benefit. I have cleared the cache, removed some apps, restarted etc, turned off any battery hungry options in settings but to no avail.


If anybody could help me I would be very grateful. I believe it is a bug in Oreo or Samsung's altered version of Oreo but cannot prove either. I can't think what to do apart from find out how to downgrade back to Nougat, which I don't want to do.


Many thanks.


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I spoke with a samsung rep yesterday, shown the cel standby drainage and imvwaiting for an answer.

Am vb ***** Andrei din Afi bucuresti, o sa trimita direc la devs direct.

Astept un raspuns...


i'm suffering  of the same issue as well. turning  off mobile data or staying on wifi is the only thing that "helps" to avoid the issue. really looking forward for a fix from Samsung. Have they actually acknowledged the issue? S8 users seem to suffer from this as well, not only Su and S7 edge.

I've decided to go back to Nougat untill they solve the problem. I need my phone and battery. Mostly using S7 on 4G. And to be honest - Oreo did not bring any usefull functionality for my daily use.

I'm still going to chech this thread daily.

I returned to Nougat using instructions from sammobile com (select your operator from the "Country" drop down)

Even though I used HOME_CSC OXM to keep my apps and data, I had to factory reset my S7 flat after Odin's action. The return to Nougat went well apart from that. So backup all your data with Samsung SmartSwitch before the operation. Be aware! After factory reset you have to login again in every application/service where you had your account. Quite time consuming:smileyfrustrated:


I have same issue of battery draining too much after oreo update. 6n Standby 06de battery dra5n 6 t6 7% an hour that really bothered me even i am on medium power saving mode but the battery is still draining too much on standby.  I have installed oreo 5 days ago now i have to charge my mobile phone 2 times in a day thats really worsen my mobile and experience. Now im waiting for update fix


Hi @ll,


I have just read all the discussion here, I am just waiting to hear news from @AntS@LiamH or other mod that I give them a big thank you for their support in advance :smileyvery-happy:.


Unfourtenately Italians versions are also affected by these issues, I am joining to all who is waiting for a soluton :smileyindifferent:


See you soon!

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i noticed when i dont use the phone much on the new modem with 3g the cell standby is draining the battery (still acceptable)

on 4g android system is draining the battery


also the google services are draining the battery although i dont have them running at background

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i´m thinking about updating to BTU version with Odin. Are there any problems with that version? Battery drain? I have G935FD

Since I downgraded to Nougat, my phone loses about 2% per hour during idle. Overnight it loses about 10-15%. Wifi is ON, LTE is ON, AOD is OFF.
Is it normal discharging speed for Galaxy S7? I'm not saying this is a problem. My phone live longer than 24 hours. I just want to know, is it normal behavior of the phone?





My S7 Flat running a Note 8 7.1.1 ROM drains battery as per the following:


Idle, Wifi, AOD OFF, 0.7%/hr

Idle, Wifi, AOD ON, 1.7%/hr

Idle, LTE, AOD OFF, 1.3-2.0%/hr

Idle, LTE, AOD ON, 2.8%/hr


I hope these stats help.

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