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Cell Standby/Android System/Google Play Services battery drain for Oreo on S7




I really like my S7 Edge. However as a direct result of installing the Oreo update I have significant battery drain. The drain is attributable to cell standby which sometimes reaches over 50% of battery use. It definitely did not do this on Nougat, ever. 


I have not added any apps to cause this problem and would really like a suggestion about what to do. I can't believe Safe Mode will have any effect as this has happened as a result of the upgrade, not rogue apps. I am not keen to do a factory reset either as I can't see the benefit. I have cleared the cache, removed some apps, restarted etc, turned off any battery hungry options in settings but to no avail.


If anybody could help me I would be very grateful. I believe it is a bug in Oreo or Samsung's altered version of Oreo but cannot prove either. I can't think what to do apart from find out how to downgrade back to Nougat, which I don't want to do.


Many thanks.


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Then why only happened on s7 and why Samsung do nothing ?

Samsung Romania did not even bother to answer me. 


@Pichulec through odin ?
not tripping the knox warranty ?

@SmashMix yes I did contacted Android Authority just a couple of hours ago. Wrote a brief description of the issue and send them the link to this thread.

@dj1891 wrote:

Just a thought, would switching to Wifi calling help with standby drain? I never use wifi calling to be honest.

@dj1891 I have used Wi-Fi Calling but this option only helps you get better quality calls while you are on an Wi-Fi network in order to save your data plan but besides the fact that Wi-Fi Calling is not always available it doesn't help saving you're battery too much. The Cell Standby process goes rogue because of this but in the update, I activated the Keep Wi-Fi During sleep and the process still consumed 10% of my battery during a 7 hours sleep.


You're right ovidiul. I agree with Wonder Toy that it's a common Oreo problem but if Samsung is going to use that OS then they should provide some kind of support to the people who bought their $800 phones. We all p***** off here at both Samsung and Oreo and anything to do with 'em, lol. Hell, I told yall I'm not even buying the cookies anymore!


If it's not only Samsung problem, then why I don't hear any other phone users complain about that, except S7 flat and edge users? And why Samsung doesn't want to admit officially: "yes, there's a problem, we'll working on that, we'll solve it as quick as we can". No, they keep making *****s of people, pretending there's no problem. I don't wanna forejudge, but it looks like they've decided to put down S7 phones... NO MORE SAMSUNG!


I think its an 8.0 problem.  Its been fixed in newer versions of Android but Samsung can't be bothered rolling out another version after only releasing 8.0.  Don't be surprised if its never fixed.


It's the same when Apple release a new version of iOS.  iOS 11 was rubbish, it took to 11.0.2 before it worked OK, It's

the same every year.  Probably same with Android but the manufacturers jump on the first release and its always buggy.

Yassssss!!!!! Joakim, I feel you! I'm headed to Pixel next- but not before I try to get the most out of this factory reset S7. I'll just have to tote around a battery bank everywhere I go now.

Samsung really is a dirty company.  I read recently about their trade-in program in the US.  You go to trade in say your S7, you post details on their site about its condition etc, they give you a price, you ship the phone in.  They say it does not match the description, give you next to nothing for it and they don't give you the option to cancel the deal they keep the phone tough *****.


Start Googling. There are Oreo Standby drain problem on S7, S8, S9, OnePlus devices, Sony devices etc. Grow up and stop whining. We need solution, not a bunch of crybabies crying over Samsung.


@dj1891 Name a single "non-dirty" company. I dare you. 

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