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Cell Standby/Android System/Google Play Services battery drain for Oreo on S7




I really like my S7 Edge. However as a direct result of installing the Oreo update I have significant battery drain. The drain is attributable to cell standby which sometimes reaches over 50% of battery use. It definitely did not do this on Nougat, ever. 


I have not added any apps to cause this problem and would really like a suggestion about what to do. I can't believe Safe Mode will have any effect as this has happened as a result of the upgrade, not rogue apps. I am not keen to do a factory reset either as I can't see the benefit. I have cleared the cache, removed some apps, restarted etc, turned off any battery hungry options in settings but to no avail.


If anybody could help me I would be very grateful. I believe it is a bug in Oreo or Samsung's altered version of Oreo but cannot prove either. I can't think what to do apart from find out how to downgrade back to Nougat, which I don't want to do.


Many thanks.


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@James0071 wrote:
Hi, which carrier are you on and how did you access the carrier settings? I'm on Vodafone UK and can't see how to access them. Thanks.

@I'm in France, @ SFR. I accessed it because my carrier has an app which allows me to suscribe/unsuscribe options and get your invoices etc., but most likely your carrier has a website to log on to as a customer.


After a few days without 4G Call, I can say it's better, but still not very good.


Screenshot_20180629-095942_GSam Battery Monitor.jpg


@tadks, So, currently you have Mobile Network = LTE, Mobile data = On, Enhanced LTE Services = On and rather good battery life? BTW if you make restart everyday - this is a fix by itself. :smileyhappy:


Also I want to share for all who does not have Enhanced LTE Services/VoLTE in settings, that there are hidden activities:

1. Mobile Networks / EnhancedLteServices ( Yes it's have USA in the name but who knows - it's a simple checkbox "Enable HD Voice and other stuff if available".

2. Settings / RadioInfo - which is like *#4636 before. Here you can see in 3-dot menu IMS Status and some more info. In main screen there are 4 unnamed (in my case) toggles, the first is On and others are greyed out for me - greyed are for Enhanced LTE Services, as far as I know.

3. IMS Settings, which can't be accessed with permission denied. :smileysad:


You can make use of hidden activities with f.e. Shortcut Master or More Shortcuts apps or Activities widget in Nova Launcher.


@mite_jan, Yes, there are new G930FXXU2ERF4 for S7 Flat also! For Taiwan and HK at this moment.


@VSiam wrote:

@mite_jan, Yes, there are new G930FXXU2ERF4 for S7 Flat also! For Taiwan and HK at this moment.

Yes , dont want to jump to quickly but i think the cell standby was fixed for me 

Flashing the bootloader and modem


@VSiam wrote:

@mite_jan, Yes, there are new G930FXXU2ERF4 for S7 Flat also! For Taiwan and HK at this moment.

I don't like being polemical but... ohhhhhhh good newwsss now I only have to wait one month for the update to come to my XEU csc device that meanwhile keeps heating for no reason yummyy


Seriously, this sounds great news. Unfortunately I don't have time for flashing but at least they seem to have fixed the issue so it's a good thing

Open odin 3 flash modem and bootloader only , 5 minutes

I don't know... I already have this update (actually I updated Nougat directly to this version a few days ago) and still cell standby is by far the leading battery drainer...


Typo in my report on getting some relief ... abbreviated version with correction:


I reported several days ago that the battery on my AT&T S7 flat was draining very fast after my upgrade to *OREO* (NOT Nougat). I *think* that I did the following in roughly the order shown:


  • Enabled Settings|Connections|Data Usage|International Data Roaming|International Data
  • Disabled Settings|Connections| Mobile Networks|Enhanced LTE Services|Enhanced LTE Services
  • Disabled Settings|Connections| Mobile Networks|Mobile data|Mobile Data
  • Sat around for a while watching the phone and concluded it wasn't making a difference
  • Enabled Settings|Connections| Mobile Networks|Enhanced LTE Services|Enhanced LTE Services
  • Disabled Settings|Connections|Data Usage|International Data Roaming|International Data
  • Enabled Settings|Connections| Mobile Networks|Mobile data|Mobile Data

After a while, I noticed that my battery drain was not as bad and felt more or less normal! No clue, could be a cosmic ray, or perhaps  a flag was mis-set in the update binary, and toggling one or more of the indicated settings put it back in order. HTH.


Just flashed Bootloader and Modem for my S7 G930F (flat) from latest G930FXXU2ERF4:

Will report next week.

Of course will update to full firmware when it will out for OXA multi region. :smileylol:


guys my rom is for english and i have batrry drain so for fix this i must flash just AP and CP file with odin?

please give more about this

who flashid cp an ap file and cell stanby bug is fix?

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