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Cant upload pics to FB from my phone



Im suddenly not able to upload photos to facebook from my phone. I can't uninstlall fb as it was a preinstalled app... I've tried logging in and out of the app. I've disabled and 're enabled it and obvs restarted my phone. 


U can upload pics from my fb account on my pc.


I'm at a loss. 

I get the below message when I click on the 'message failed' notification

Ps. I'm not very good with technologyScreenshot_20191011-232749_Facebook.jpg


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@WINDEE wrote:

any update regarding this problem?..


Not at the moment. I've messaged Facebook as Samsung are saying it's at their end.


For now I have logged on via the fb website rather than the app to post pics. That works. So it looks like it's the app at fault.


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Porque não consigo postar minhas mensagens no FC


Any update regarding this problem??


No doubt we'll have a response from facebook till tomorrow or Monday 


Same for me, since the last 2 days I can't upload pics and anything on fb 😳 WTH

Please fix it!!!!


How can it be the app when my mom has an iPhone and I can upload anything from her iPhone but not thr 3 samsung phones lol


My husband and I reported issues to facebook two days ago numerous times and havent heard a peep... it's not the Facebook app because its fine on iPhone and other androids


It's very annoying especially if you sell a lot of stuff on Facebook like I do. Yes the actual website works but uploading photos that way is awful. My daughters samsung tablet works fine, my brother has a Motorola phone and my mom has iPhone app works fine for all of them so Samsung needs to stop blaming Facebook lol 


I have the same problem, it just started today not sure what to do ?


Hey I'm also experiencing this problem! Same error message, tried everything including restart phone as well. cleared the cache, reported the problem to facebook... disabled and enabled app... nothing. Been experiencing it today. never tried uploading yesterday so i don't know how long this issue has been going on for.

worst part is I also have a Samsung A5(2017)... think maybe it's the phone?? 

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