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Cant recieve messages on edge7s

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Hi new to this, i had a iPhone with  virgin ,contract up to I bought my own samsung 7s edge and got a sim deal from virgin with my same number but can't receive any messages ,WhatsApp is fine .

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Superuser I

I would suggest to look on virgins site for support on setting up your phone. 


Look for anything to do with your messaging centre number which needs to be in your phone for text messages. 

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Hi @Bazzer1

If you still have your old iPhone I recommend placing your SIM card back in the device, connecting to Mobile Data and and going to Settings > Messages > Disable iMessage > Go back to Settings > FaceTime > Disable Facetime. This will allow messages form iPhone users to reach your new S7 Edge, however if the issue affects all contacts then I recommend speaking with your network provider to enquire about any restrictions to your service.
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