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Can we still draw on galaxy note 8 calendar


Splanner on my note 4 allowed hand annotations with the spen. I can't find the option on the note 8. Am I missing anything perhaps?


I agree it shouldnt be so hard so reinstate but it will probably take months and during that time I'll be looking for alternatives, I may even go back to my Galaxy note 4.

I found the Note 4 had better cover assessories with the viewing window and the case didnt increase the overall thickness of the device and I could mark up my calender.

I find it very peculiar that Samsung would remove the S Planner and give us less S Pen features?

Its almost as if they didnt know use the device or know what people were using very bizzarre.

I spoke to support the other day about this issue and the girl on the end of the line was clueless.


I went from a Note 4 to a Note 8 waiting for a good Samsung Note upgrade. I'm going crazy that I am not  able to do in my old Note 4 Calendar in my now Note 8 Calendar. I can't believe Samsung took this feature from the Calendar. I too miss writting on my calendar, scribble notes ect with my SPen. Samsung really?? I hope Samsung is reading this. Does anyone have any recommendations for a calendar for my Note 8 that even comes close to the Note 4 calendar?  I don't like the standard default calendar it has. 


First excause my bad english ....


After many years i had to change from my Note 1 to a Note 8 and i hate this calender.

And now i miss my calender-functions from my Note 1 so much =( 

I can't add Photos, Memos or any other information at my calender.

No Kategory or Icon for important visible informations like cinema, bitrthday, hospital or business!


Note 1 was old andy slowly, but the functions where so much more better then the following Note generations..... 

Now i find no reason to stay with my Note 8 =(

With this software i can also use a Apple IPhone .......




I bought note 8 for this calendar marking ONLY. I was soo disappointed when I was told that this option is no more. This long ugly mess of a phone which I also found out that the battery is not removable, I am very very upset. I will drop this succer in two more months. I have few other problems with it too.

Nope it doesnt work at all.
Such a small ??
You know that was the ONLY ONLY reason I bought this ugly looking note8 for.

I'm the same it was the best app and they removed it. It's stupid.


Wouldn't it be nice if someone from Samsung actually read and/or responded to these threads. 


Looks like it is back in Note10, also looks like it's only software feature so I don't know why they cannot give this back to Note8

That's true. It's there in my galaxy tab S6 . I wish it was there in my Note 8.
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