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Can't change ringtone

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When I go to set an alarm or ringtone on my J3 I can only choose from my Google Drive, and even then these won't work and it goes to the default tone. What can I do to change this so I can use downloaded music or Google Drive files? 


You can!

Copyy the media file from original folder to "Ringtones" folder in Device storage. Then retry and select from the list of ringtones available. What you look for, will be there.👍

@ucantony: In the very simplest case, you may be right, but the subject in this thread is, that you CAN'T CHANGE YOUR RINGTONE sometimes !

Look at my post from November 2017, where I wrote:

".... Sound Picker does not show any sound file of my device. But I have several on it.

Also, "Samsung Music" does not show any sound file. I have even copied the ringtone mp3 files to the folder "SamsungMusic", but without success.
When I look at my internal memory using the file manager, I can see the sound files (in folder "music") as well as the ringtones (in folder "ringtones" and in folder "Music/Ringtones". ..."

I have tried so many things over a couple of weeks to get it working (I have pretty good IT experience), but finally only a Factoryreset solved the problem. To sum up: there really IS a nasty software problem, but nobody at Samsung cares...


Thank you, this worked for me. You are a star!


I have a Samsung SM-J330SN and I need to know where to put MP3 files to use as Notifications. 

Ring tones work fine but I have put MP3s in the Notifications folder on the device ànd on the SD card.

They do not appear in the lists, just the built in one'.  Any help gratefully anticipated.


 If your looking for new ring tones etc try Zedge App all sorts there. 


Thanks really helped


Thanks but ringtones are not the problem.  It's notifications and I have the files but don't know where to put them



I have a folder on my SD Card. I access ring tones and notifications tones from that folder.

Try Settings. Sounds and Vibration. Then Ring Tone? Should see all files there.

For Notifications same path till Notification Sounds and 3 options

Hope this helps

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I know it's a nightmare, I can't be doin with jingely jangely ringtones. I'm like just gimme my own tunes.

Great help, worked for me too. Disabled, changed my ringtone and enabled again. Thanks!!

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