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Can't change ringtone

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When I go to set an alarm or ringtone on my J3 I can only choose from my Google Drive, and even then these won't work and it goes to the default tone. What can I do to change this so I can use downloaded music or Google Drive files? 


Thanks AG - this helped me. It turned out that I had Total Commander as the default file viewer. In the Apps I selected it and was able to Reset Defaults and now the picker appears.

This has just started happening to me. Before I could I could change/choose a different ringtone for contacts. Now when I try to change ANY ringtone it asked for me to choose where I'd be getting them from. By accident I choose 'picker'. Now I have no choice. In the files available in picker there is obviously not the list for all the ringtones that came with my phone. There is just files I have on my phone. I don't want them as ringtones. I don't want to reset as I see for others is still didn't work, but also it still will not allow me to choose from the original ringtones that were in my phone.

Another problem: I had my ringtone set to 'silent'. When a call comes in I don't hear it. That was to ignore all the spam/scam callers. I would choose a ringtone for my contacts. I just added a contact and now can't give them a ringtone.

This is a problem. I can't figure out how to overcome it or override any choices my phone now gives me, so I'm at the mercy of my phone. If I get another one it won't be samsung. This is not right

This is the answer!!!!!  Select your ringtone and use the left arrow ( top left corner) and it will save and work.


i have the same problem.  i have a ringtone i've used for years, but my A20 will not allow it.  it is in the mp3 format


i also do not get a + at the bottom of the media file.

Went through the steps but still no Add Ringtone button.
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