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Can I have my always-on (semi-awake) SGW mode be the same as fully awake ?


I have my display timeout already set to 5 minutes but would like to set it to infinity/zero so that it never times out. I have the always-on enabled but always-on doesn't mean always-fully-on, it means semi-awake mode (reduced brightness and reduced watchface elements). That's not what I want.


It's my problem if battery life gets hit badly by doing this but if that's what I want then I'd like to do that.


If it's not possible, is there perhaps an app that anyone knows of that keeps the watch always awake somehow?


Hi @d4005. We asked the developer something very similar not too long ago, and they've advised us that there are no plans to change the current timeout setup: both to preserve battery life and prevent overheating.


I'd be interested in hearing if anyone's come across a third-party app that keeps the watch always awake though too. :smiling-face:

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Good to hear that they at least have a reason. It does make me wonder about watch faces. They all clearly have an "on" and an "always-on" mode. The latter of which seems to always be darker and sometimes use less active elements. All of which reduces the screen power usage. Perhaps it would be possible to copy the "on" screen and paste it to the "always-on" screen, thereby fooling the watch and actually really be always on. I gotta look up the watchface API one day when I've got nothing to do (I've got a day free in 2021 :grinning-face-with-one-large-and-one-small-eye:).

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