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Bypass S7 Edge Screen Lock without data loss

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Hi everyone, I hope S7 Edge is not too out of date and there will be a solution of this. I activated the screen lock (4-digits PIN) for the first time and couldn't unlock it ever since. There are some some data at the time without back-up and I did not want to simply wipe them out with a factory reset. It was very unfortunate and I have been looking for a solution online and in shops in different countries including official Samsung support center, but no one can fix this. The closest I could get is some technicians saying they can try and the chance to get back the data is 50/50. All the "solutions" online are vague and did not apply to the case (especially those screen lock removal softwares, they never worked). Would there be any official Samsung software to deal with this? Can anyone  please advise me on this? Thank you.

By the time this happened, the phone was:

- in flight mode

- has no Samsung account associated to it

- not connected to any Cloud back up

- no fingerprint

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