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Broken s7 screen transfer stuff to s5

(Topic created on: 13-05-2017 06:41 PM)
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Hi I'm wondering if you can help me. 

I've got an Galaxy S7 which my friend (very nicely) knocked out my hand and smashed the digitizer, glass the lot, screen just doesn't work at all. 

So I've now I've had to revert back to my S5 but I'm wondering if there is a way I can get all my contacts (got80% of them but not all) and text messages from the s7 to my s5. 

Also the S7 is switched off and obviously I can't turn it on as it's password locked from start up. 

I've plugged it into a laptop and nothing will happen as it's locked. 

I've synced Google and Samsung accounts to the S5 but still haven't got everything I need. 

Is there another account on the s7 which I haven't got on the S5? 

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Hi @Lawzy09,


I would say your best best would be to login online to both Samsung and Goolge (from the PC) and remove any of the locking that is on the phone.






Once that has been done you can plug the phone in to the pc and use the smartswitch or kies software to back up the data/contacts/texts and restore them to the S5


Hope that helps you out let us know if it does :smiling-face: 
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hope you got yours sorted?


i have a similar situation, my S7 is smashed and the screen doesnt work its all black. i dont have a lock code on my phone but keis says i have?! i only have a swipe it unlock the screen. i need to reset phone to factory settings before i send it back to 3 mobile provider or they are going to charge me £250 on top of the £100 excess i have already paid for the replacement. i have managed to get all my photos off i think, its just i cant reset it. Helllp! i have 14 days to send the old phone back. thanks

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I've popped you a reply on your own created thread :smiling-face:

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