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(Topic created on: 02-02-2024 07:43 PM)

Samsung is ruining its business, they used to be to opposite of APPLE🍎🍏 now they are the shadow of APPLE!!! Samsung has become greedy, they are pushing are these proprietary accessories like who!? You guessed it APPLE🍎!!!

SAMMY SUNGY (Samsung) we just want a base S model Galaxy phone with 256GB storage, expandable data SD card slot that can handle a 1TB card, 12gb of ram, an IR BLASTER, and 35mm Headphone jack port and less Bixby and Tizen OS overlay, allow the Bixby button to be a shortcut to launch other apps other than Bixby thank you!



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Hey there

Interesting thoughts.

Ref the 35mm jack, most USB-C devices (EU standard now) accept headphones that use a USB-C connection so 35m jack is now a redundant technology in phones.

You also mention the "base" model. There is a reason why these devices are cheaper, they have less in them. If you want a device that can hold 1TB then you are currently looking at flagships. There is no room to put an SD card slot in.

12gb ram? Again your talking about the base model. Upgrade to a better one for more ram.

Bixby? Yep agree on that.
Tizen? I think you mean One UI 6. That is Samsung's product so that isn't going anywhere.
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I appreciate your viewpoint here @Man from Baltimore  

The best place to send your feedback is via your Samsung Members App. 


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The advice I offer is my own and does not represent Samsung’s position.
I'm here to help. " This is the way. "


No one likes the USB-C headphones, you know a lot of us love to listen to our music while the phone is charging, how about that? And using the USB-C headphones wears the charger port out faster, some phone you even have to go into your settings and constantly turn on OTG each time to even use that function. Or maybe we customers just want just use a normal set of high-end headphones universally between platforms that supports them and a cell should be one, every one doesn't like the wireless thing either, paying customers should have options.


No one wants to upgrade to what should be in a base model phone, don't make excuses for Samsung! At one time you one had one S model Galaxy, now there's three, Samsung has gone the way of Apple 🍎, I'm not paying $1,200+ for a phone that could crash with my data stuck onboard when they could just put the SD slot back and  you can  just physically remove it. You have to purchase standard accessories that should come with your purchase, you can't defend this! The old Samsung was much better! 


Samsung is famous for push it's UI, (I apologize for saying OS), on to it customers, first TouchWiz now Tizen, they need to scale ⚖️ back some and all their phones to have a more android feel and no matter if you say "it's not going anywhere" if those sales drop enough oh it will because at the end of the day it's all about pleasing the customers and making money.


Another beef I have with Samsung is their audio systems are garbage 🗑️. There's a lot of cheaper phones that are louder, and have much better speaker phones than Sammy's, some time Samsung speakerphone sound like you're underwater 🫧,  I've own enough to know this. If I'm paying $700+ for a phone it needs to have great a audio systems with high volume! The speakerphone needs to be loud and clear on both ends for callers.


You may love the new direction Samsung has taken, but a lot of it's long time customers don't and me being one.

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Appreciate your views.

However you suggest "no one likes the USB-C headphones", actually millions do. You may not and that's ok.

Yes you could say about charging whilst listening to music. There is a solution, get yourself a wireless charging pad.

It isn't Samsung that has made the move to USB-C by the way. It was the European Commission that passed legislation for USB-C to become the standard. As for. 35mm jack, you mention that you just want to use a normal set of high end headphones, USB-C is now the standard, 35mm is old tech.

You mention that the things you want should be in the base model. Customers have choice, if you buy the base model, you get the base specification. Pay more for the next level up, get more. Pay for the flagship, get the bells and whistles. If you buy the base line car, do you expect all the bells and whistles? No. You have choice, you've chosen to go base so you don't get everything.

To be honest, your comment comes across as not liking anything Samsung and that's ok. You have choice. Go to a different brand what may give you some or all of what you want. But even there, you are unlikely to get 35mm jack.

As for Micro SD Cards, they are notoriously unreliable and you are far more at risk of losing your data and images than using your device whilst backing up to the Cloud.

Your arguments don't stack up. But you are welcome to your opinion and I wish you well I'm your choice of manufacturer for your next device.

Personally I don't want to have to carry a monster sized device just so I can have 1TB storage on board. 


I have an S10 right now with 128GB on board and 1TB high end micro SD. There absolutely is room. If they could swing it in the S10 they can do it in the S24. They just don't want to because upselling is that much more profitable via the Apple model. 


I agree with the original poster, they used to claim to be "not Apple". They even made fun of the lack of features that they have since removed.


For me, it's either 1TB in a reasonably sized phone for a reasonable price or by my preference a micro SD card back. 


Probably time to check our what Sony has to offer. 


When I got my 1st Samsung it was the Droid Charge.  It had a great camera, far better than all these extra lens. It had the headphone jacks, which I love because of the excessive amounts of hardware in my body ( Bluetooth is not good for this ) the battery lasted far longer, and I mean a good week talking hours each day to my mom.  The SD slot was amazing once I realized that everytime there's a technical issue with the devices the phone or CSR would trash erase your memory.  Now everybody wants to sell you clouds that will also delete you!  

The person that posted, imo, just want a phone that does everything the way it used to and NOT all this upset nonsense they do.  The whole reason I never went with Apple was because they had too much control on what you could do with your device.  I don't need to pay over a thousand dollars for a phone that is basically NOT MINE and limits me.  

512 mb use to take up an entire room and we sure know that is not the case.  Samsung can continue shrinking components they way they have been while still allowing us the 35mm jack and the SD card....heck they should allow us a great camera again.  As for the USB-C port being able to plug in earbuds, then what port would you have people charge their device?